Thursday, 10 January 2013

Handmade Jewellery!

So as I said I was going to in my first post, this post is going to be about my handmade earrings! I hope you enjoy :)
I first tried out making earrings with my Mum as a hobby a few years ago. We'd go along to peoples houses who did it too, and have some lunch, and really made a day out of it, which was fun. It was only a few weeks ago, after a big break from making them, that I wanted to start again. Seeing as i'm having a break from everything, I thought it would also be good for me to keep being creative. I find it really satisfying to complete something stylish and having fun doing it! Luckily we still had all the bits and bobs to make them with, so I could get straight into it. 

There aren't as many beads in the collection as there were a few years ago, but I will purchase more the next time I go into town, so I can make lots of different kind of earrings. 

If you want to start making your own earrings, then the basics you need are headpins, which are the base of the earring. I just have gold and silver ones.
Some hooks.
I like to have some little beads to put at the end of the headpins, so none of the other bigger beads fall off.
And 3 sets of pliers.

I'm planning on selling the earrings I make, but as of now, i'm having a bit of trouble setting up an account to sell them! For the time being, if anyone is interested on purchasing any items please don't hesitate to email me! All earrings are priced at £5.00, with a £1.50 sending fee. As I am new to this, I will only be sending in the UK. My Email address is:

Here are pictures of the earrings I currently have on offer:

If anyone would like me to do a video explaining how to make earrings, just let me know!

I hope you liked this post :)



  1. Those are really pretty :) Unfortunately, my ears aren't pierced. BUT it would still be cool to see a video on how you make these! :)

  2. Thank you! :) aww good, it'll be much easier than trying to type it all out! :) x